Sampling waste according to LAGA PN98

Since the year 2001 we have been conducting seminars throughout Germany on taking sampling of waste, and in recent years the emphasis has turned to the regulations according to the LAGA PN 98.  In the past few years the new landfill guidelines have required the companies and samplers to demonstrate competence in sampling waste.

We work with specialists and subject matter experts from the DAkkS to conduct training sessions for taking samples. All of our instructors have years of experience in their field. Especially when leaning about how to take samples with unsorted or in piles of unscreened waste, being able to observe a practical demonstration is truly helpful. This helps to address questions and demonstrate specific problems that cannot be done based on theoretical learning alone.

In addition to the open sessions we conduct in places such as Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, we also run many in-house sessions throughout Germany, ranging from Lake Constance down south all the way to the North Sea. In addition to excavated soils, we also cover sampling mineral waste products such as construction rubble from various sites, e.g. landfills, waste processing plants, demolition companies, technology centers for construction services, competence centers for construction materials such as asphalt, cement, earthworks, geo technology, and environmental technology.

Something that has also been well-received is how we adapt to individual wants and needs during the events, e.g. sampling specific types of waste or different piles of unsorted materials.

In September 2017 the NORDUM Akademie worked with a consortium of many partners led by the Fraunhofer UMSICHT on a project called "Surveying and Establishment of a Comprehensive Database for Waste Management in Kuwait (eMISKWaste)" (for for details, see: The goal was to develop a waste economy plan for the State of Kuwait, including a workshop on taking samples held in Kuwait. This workshop focused on sampling unsorted and unfiltered piles of waste. Participants appreciated the hands-on portion of the session, in which they could see sampling for themselves.

More information about this project cam be found here: Project Kuwait


Our clients include:

Engineering offices working on soil and water protection, surveys, and appraisals, construction support, renovations, geology, geo technology, dealing with contaminated sites and renovations, examining soil at construction sites, testing laboratories, environmental laboratories, construction laboratories, recycling and waste companies, gravel quarries, landfills, demolition and renovation companies.

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Seminars on solids (soil, waste, contaminated sites, building pollutants)