On-site analysis - standard-compliant determination

Basics - Measurement

The seminar on on-site analytics has been carried out several times successfully. Both open courses in Berlin and Hamburg as well as in-house trainings have a very good participation. The seminar is intended for both the persons working in the laboratory and the persons for sampling to measure pH, conductivity, oxygen content, turbidity in accordance with norms. The seminar will deepen the knowledge in this field. The seminar has an comprehensive practical part with modern instruments. Colleagues from the WTW and Xylem Analytics Germany Sales GmbH & Co. KG support the seminar with their knowledge. The practical experience was very valuable for the participants. Often the participants have their own problems with the measuring instruments and they discuss it during the seminar. .

Our clients throughout Germany include:

Samplers from engineering offices, testing and environmental laboratories, water and sewage works, laboratory technicians, persons in charge of testing and environmental laboratories and the authority

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Seminars on waters (on-site analysis,groundwater, surface water, waste water)