Competence in training and consulting: Learn - Understand - Apply

The AKUMA Akademie is an independent company focusing on further education and consulting. Since 1995 (as NORDUM Akademie), we have been offering stimulating programs on a variety of topics. We work both nationally and internationally.

competent – goal-driven – praxis-oriented quality in further education and consulting

The AKUMA Akademie is your partner for further education and consulting when it comes to environmental protection, environmental and quality management, as well as environmental and food analytics. We are specialise in conducting subject-specific courses, certified sessions, workshops, and training sessions.


Certificates for taking samples in areas that are officially monitored for environmental care and drinking water, proof of qualifications (hygiene in water for swimming, quality management), practical seminars (contaminated sites, construction wastes, building wastes, etc.).

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Planning, organizing, and conducting courses for specialists and professionals working in the areas on environmental protection and analysis, at the national level and internationally.

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Environmental services, surveys and assessments, project planning, appraisals and certification of technology, services in the field of renewable energy.

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