E-Learning and Blended Learning - Lifelong Learning

E-learning has become a key element of continuing education and professionalism. Companies are using online and computer learning systems for training their employees, course work, and other educational aspects. The advantages of using such innovative methods of learning are obvious.

Our company has conducted e-learning courses in the environmental sector for various types of international projects, e.g. contaminated waste sites and waste management for Brazilian professionals conducted in Portuguese and in waste treatment for Vietnamese experts conducted in English:

E-learning projects:

Contaminated waste management: 2005-06 in Brazil

A PPP project on behalf of InWEnt Capacity Building International Development: "Development and use of e-learning modules as a means of training in environmental protection in Brazil" focusing on contaminated site management

Waste management industry, 2009-10 in Vietnam

A PPP project – as a network cooperation between the German Investment and Development Company (DEG) and the BN Umwelt GmbH, project partners NORDUM Academy on "Developing sustainable waste management in a selected province of Vietnam" focusing on waste management

Using e-learning courses is an excellent alternative to traditional classroom lectures, especially in areas of technology and knowledge transfer in developing and emerging countries.