Development of sustainable waste management in a selected province of Vietnam - Focus: waste manage

PPP project - network, cooperation between the German Investment and Development Company (DEG) and the BN Umwelt GmbH, project partner NORDUM Akademie

Project / Project Objective

The Public Private Partnership project was initiated to promote and improve the development of sustainable waste management for municipal solid waste in the Vietnamese provinces of Binh Thuan and Lam Dong . In this case, the project should in particular contribute to building a better understanding of the separation of waste, waste collection and environmental awareness.

The goal of the project was to transfer the knowledge and know-how for a system of a waste management (introduction of separate waste collection, recycling, etc.) to the situation in Vietnam, in public administration, at universities and in the private sector. In addition, it was important to raise awareness of the population for the waste industry in ecological, economic and social aspects. In addition, another goal was to strengthen the cooperation of the technical staff of the public and local governments, universities and the private sector.

Project preparation:

  • contact to various public and local authorities and institutions,
  • determine the current situation of collection, transport, treatment and disposal of domestic and industrial waste,
  • the composition of the quantity of waste,
  • costs and fees
  • as well as the legal regulations in the Vietnamese province

Trainings as face to face seminars in Vietnam and Germany followed. The stay in Germany included also visits of waste management facilities to transfer know-how about techniques of waste treatment and disposal.

Knowledge transfer should be done mainly through e-learning and achieve multipliers. NORDUM was responsible for the content structure of this e-learning course "waste management". To optimize the presentation numerous videos and photo documentation was implemented in the e-learning course. Due to a web-based environmental platform, it is possible to exchange technical information.
If you want to get access to the e-learning tool, you must obtain a User account. Therefore do not hesitate to contact the BN Umwelt GmbH.

Detailed information about the project: