(Looking back on) our experience and achievements

We have been offering training sessions for more than 20 years now, and in that time we have added a growing number of in-house activities for numerous companies and agencies.  Since our founding we have constantly proven our competence and value. The keys to our success are that we value long-term contact and cooperation with our clients and we have a keen understanding of their needs.

When we ask participants in our courses and training sessions for feedback, they tell us about how much they value the expertise and rhetorical skills of our instructors, the level of organization that goes into our sessions, and the venues we chose and the catering for learners. We have also heard a great deal of praise for the course materials we have prepared and provide to participants. Many participants have attended multiple courses or sessions with us over the years. We also know that many companies who have worked with us before make it a point to return to the NORDUM Akademie when they set out to plan their next continuing education sessions according to their vision of quality management.

We have clients all across Germany, including:

  • Urban and municipal agencies working in areas of the environment (waste, water, soil conservation, immissions protection, nature), agriculture (e.g. checking feed quality), food safety, health and consumer protection
  • Engineering offices working with soil and groundwater protection, surveys and assessment, monitoring construction and renovations, geology, geo technology, contaminated sites, testing of construction site soils, renewable energy forms
  • Planning offices
  • Testing and environmental laboratories
  • Hygiene laboratories
  • Building materials laboratories
  • Associations and specialist leagues: water and waste water
  • Water and waste water plants
  • Recycling and waste management enterprises
  • Gravel quarries
  • Landfill enterprises
  • Demolition and renovation companies
  • Municipal utility companies
  • Chemical industry companies
  • Producers and suppliers of feed
  • Building management service providers
  • Energy and heat generators
  • Housing and building management services
  • Renovation companies
  • Facilities of the German national train system (Deutsche Bahn)
  • Facilities of the German military (Bundeswehr)
  • Clinics and medical facilities
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Swimming pools

These clients recommend us because they trust our know-how and the effort we put into our work. This makes us proud.

We hope to be able to welcome you as a client… and you can trust that you are placing yourself in good hands.

When you are ready to plan your in-house training session, read here about how we can help: In-house-training