In-house training sessions

We organize sessions tailored to your needs.

Training sessions which are designed specifically for the needs of your company guarantee you the best possible results when conveying new knowledge and solidifying skill sets.

You can profit from our know-how by taking advantage of our in-house training sessions. Save yourself both time and money.

What you gain:

Individuality for your company

We work together with you to develop a specific concept of qualifications and points which align with the goals of your company and the people who work there.

Service and organization

If you like, we can also arrange for an appropriate venue, with rooms and technical equipment which will meet the needs of your training goals. We can also conduct training sessions on site in your company’s own rooms. We work at sites throughout Germany.

Effectiveness and cost savings

In order to transfer knowledge most effectively, our training staff start at the level your employees are working at now, thereby saving time and keeping redundancy to a minimum.

Main topics:

  • Taking samples according to norms standardized for environmental regulations (including waste, soil, groundwater, wastewater, sludge), sampling drinking water
  • On-site analysis
  • Safety in swimming pools, work safety
  • Chlorination of drinking water
  • Animal feed checking and sampling
  • Quality management, norms of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, internal audits

We would be pleased to send you an offer for your specific needs. In order to do so, please include the following information:

  • Topic and/or the reason you are planning an event
  • Intended venue: do you already have rooms and catering services?
  • Time/date(s) of the training session
  • Number of participants, target group

Additional information on the topic and in-house training:

Please send your inquiry regarding in-house training to: Request

Information on the selection of training sessions conducted: References