Management and implementation of training courses for experts from Kuwait

Kuwaiti specialists learn about measures of environmental protection measures and environmental control mechanisms.

The NORDUM Akademie has been working together with the University of Rostock on training courses for experts from Kuwait on environmental protection, environmental standards, and environmental management since 2007. These participants from Kuwait are extremely interested in modern technology for treating waste and wastewater, for cleaning the air, and other mechanisms relating to environmental control.

Prof. Dr. mont. Michael Nelles, who chairs the program of studies for the industries of sustainable waste and raw materials and resources at the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at, has been developing projects on waste management the University of Rostock together with    

PD Dr. habil. Abdallah Nassour in the Arab world. The high level of interest in this work has encouraged them to continue and expand this work.

The current project (2017-2020) is being conducted with multiple partners, including the NORDUM Akademie and the University of Rostock, by the Fraunhofer UMSICHT.

An overview of projects conducted and currently being run by the University of Rostock on “Current Developments in Waste Management in the Arab World”which partial involve the NORDUM Akademie appeared in the April 2018 issue of the journal “Müll und Abfall”.

An overview of projects and events:

Waste management

2017-2020 (ongoing) Projects in Kuwait

Renewable Energy

July 26-31, 2009 in Rostock

Environmental protection / environmental management

August 11-19, 2008 in Rostock and the vicinity


waste management

wastewater management

renewable energy

environmental control

environmental protection in the oil industry

April 19-24, 2009 in Berlin-Rostock-Schwedt

waste management

July 23-August 14, 2007 in Rostock and the vicinity


legal and government regulations

waste treatment, recycling, composting


waste analysis

training programs

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