Terms of service and conditions

These terms of service and conditions apply for all events at the NORDUM/AKUMA Akademie.

1.    Booking / registration

Events conducted by the NORDUM/AKUMA Akademie are open to all participants.

Registration for an event must be done in writing. Your registration can be sent by mail, e-mail, telefax, or uploaded via our website (www.nordum-akademie.de). It should contain the address, the name of the institution and the names of the participants who will be taking part in the event of the NORDUM/AKUMA Akademie. Registrations are processed in the order in which they are received. The commission becomes binding when confirmation by the NORDUM/AKUMA Akademie is made.

2.    Terms of payment

The current fees levied for each event can be viewed in the program and on our website (www.nordum-akademie.de).  Fees should be remunerated within a 14-day period after the invoice is issued; they can also be paid in full up to the beginning date of the event, either by transferring to the bank account on the invoice or paid in cash before the start of the event. All prices are listed in net terms, to which the current sales tax must be added.

3.    Cancelations / Changes in reservations

Cancelation of a registration must be done in writing and can be done without penalty fees if received at least 10 days before an event starts. After this time, fifty percent of the registration fee is due. Participants who to not show up for an event or who leave an event early pay the full fee. It is possible to send a replacement in the place of a registered participant at any time and this does not involve new fees. Changes in reservations can be made up to 48 hours before the event and should be done in writing. Depending on point of time of cancelation, the full fees are due.

4.    Conducting events

Events conducted by the NORDUM/AKUMA Akademie are done in accordance with the current program of events. NORDUM/AKUMA reserves the right to change the meeting times or even to cancel an event in justified circumstances. Participants will be informed of this via the communication channels they have provided at registration (mail, e-mail, telefax).

Changes in venue of the event, the dates, the program content, or the speakers are also possible and permissible providing these do not affect the basic intention of the event as planned. Should the NORDUM/AKUMA Akademie have to cancel an event, all participant fees already remitted shall be refunded. All other demands are thus foreclosed.

5.     Confirmation of participation / Certificates

Participants who have paid the fees and who attend and complete the courses and events will be issued a written confirmation of participation or certificate. Should the fees not have been paid in advance, this certification shall be withheld until the payment has been made. Form and content of this certificate or confirmation of participation is determined by the NORDUM/AKUMA Akademie.

 6.     Changes in documentation

 All changes in documentation which must be made for reasons not connected with the NORDUM/AKUMA Akademie must be covered by an additional net 25.00 Euro (twenty-five Euros) processing fee.

7.     Liability

The NORDUM/AKUMA Akademie is not responsible for accidents and damages, loss or theft of objects which participants bring with them, or damages theft of cars. Should the NORDUM/AKUMA Akademie cause any damages, their liability extends only inasmuch as the damage was intentional or caused by gross negligence. Other liability is thus excluded. Legal terms and conditions apply.

8.     Cancelation rights for contracts made long distance

Private personas as defined in the sense of § 13 of the German BGB have the right according to sub-paragraphs 312e and 355 BGB to cancel their registrations without stating any reasons for this as long as they do so prior to the two-week period before the start of the event. This should be done in writing and can use traditional means of conveyance.

9.    Data protection

With a registration, the participant accepts that his or her data will be recorded and processed electronically. S/he also allows the NORDUM/AKUMA Akademie to use pictures and videos made at the event and to continue to use these afterwards. Should the participant not agree to this, s/he should inform the NORDUM/AKUMA Akademie of this fact before the start off the event.

10.   Severability clause

If any provision of this agreement become invalid or impossible, the validity of the remainder of this agreement is not affected. Both parties agree that any invalid provisions will be replaced by common consent with such provisions which come as close as possible to the intended result of the invalid provision. The laws governing this agreement and thee terms are those of the Federal Republic of Germany. The court responsible for any rulings is the District Court in Rostock.


Date of posting: June 1, 2023


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