The seminars deal with various topics such as the preparation of an initial status report, the sampling of ships for a list of hazardous substances or with a roadworthiness test of real estate.

Road safety evaluative reports for real estate and properties

Course description: Regulations pertaining to road safety in residential and other areas are stipulated in § 823 Abs. 1 of BGB (German Civil Code). On commercial properties these regulations must be met by the owner who opens his property for third-party access. This seminar will give you practical tips on dealing with traffic and road safety requirements and tell you about the conditions which need to be met. You will get an overview of the duties assigned to you and recommendations for acting upon these. 

Target groups: managers and directors of residential units, people responsible for technology, those in charge of planning and zoning, house caretakers and custodians, owners and agents of real estate, landlords, as well as those with municipal and commercial property

Reporting on initial state conditions – experience and insights

Course description: the German Federal Immission Control Act (Bundes-Immisionsschutzgesetz, or BImSchG) requires evaluations on the initial state of conditions on properties where contaminants or pollutants may enter the soil or groundwater on a piece of property. This seminar introduces the topic and the work of the LABO/LAWA (soil protection working group/regional water authorities), as well as reporting on first experiences our instructors have had in creating different reports on the initial state of properties.

Target groups: Owners or operators of units which are affected by BImSchG requirements, those providing information on the initial state, engineering offices, assessors and evaluators as well as employees at state and municipal environmental offices who are responsible for examining, evaluating, planning, and rating such reports.

Taking samples of contaminants on ships – hazardous substances register (IHM)

Course description: International legally binding regulations (e.g. the HKC, Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships of 2009) make it necessary to create a hazardous substances register (IHM) for ships. European regulation Nr. 1257/2013 also address recycling ships, making it necessary to list inventory of dangerous substances for new and existing ships larger than 500 GT. The IHM is the necessary basis for cleaning up or renovating ships or for safe demolition of hazardous materials (especially asbestos) when ships are being recycled.  This involves expert sampling of the material on the ship. This seminar seeks to give sample collectors and people who work with the IHM the necessary expertise to perform this task.

Target groups: People who work at testing laboratories and engineering offices, those who take samples and are responsible for composing and updating hazardous substances registers on ships