Certification preparation: regulatory requirements and customer satisfaction

Quality is more than only a term. It is being defined by criteria of organization, processes and evaluation and being certified by an independent authority.

If you or/and your customer would like to target the certification, respectively a re-audit to be gain better chances in the market competition, we would like to support you with our know-how.

DIN EN ISO 9001:
It describes the requirements on the operational quality management, the abilities to present products under consideration of the regulatory requirements and the increasing of the customer satisfaction.

DIN EN ISO 14001:
It is the international approved standard, which is defining the requirements on an environmental management system. It contains the standards to the different fields of the environmental management.

The NORDUM Akademie is experienced in the certification of companies of environmental analysis and food and beverage processing.

Course of action:

In the initial consultation we would like to talk with you about the benefit, costs and sustainability of the implementation of a quality management system.  

If we figure out that a implementation would be reasonable, we will submit an estimate of costs.

In the next step, a precise actual state will be determined and a concept to realize the certification will be worked out. This will be fine-tuned with the business management and implemented in the running operations. In doing so, internal processes will be optimized as well as job and procedural instructions are being determined. Training of employees and workshops are making sure to present the changes with a practical orientation.

After receiving the conformance, a audit plan will be developed, which is the basis of the certification.