University training in Algeria

Master’s program studies for the industries of sustainable waste and raw materials and resources

Developing sustainable waste and raw materials and resources industries is one of the central foci for German developmental work with the government of Algeria. The conception of waste management focuses on education, information, sensitization, and communication in the general population.

And important step in this process is to establish special courses of study, classes, and training programs which will convey the necessary speciality knowledge to support this. The University of Rostock’s Department of Waste, Raw Materials, and Resources is working together with the universities in Blida and Constantine (Algeria).

The University of Rostock is supported in this endeavor by the GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit). The NORDUM Akademie is a partner in this cooperation, and we are developing the Master’s courses of studies on sustainable waste and raw materials and resources industries at the Universities of Blida and Constantine.

Appropriate teaching materials and presentations have been developed for the various modules of the course of studies. The NORDUM Akademie was responsible for developing teaching materials. In June 2018 Prof. Kreutzmann gave a two-day lecture in the framework of a workshop held at the University of Blida.

Topic: Analytical Processes in Waste Management

Course content

  • General commentary on waste analysis
  • Importance of sampling
  • Studying sludge or sewage deposits
  • Studying bio waste /compost
  • Studying demolition and construction materials