Seminars in agriculture / renewable resources

Certificate course: Sampling animal feed for self-monitoring

Course description: This seminar works towards giving participants proof of their ability to take samples of animal feed for use of self-monitoring. Companies producing animal feed re responsible for ensuring its quality and safety. Checking production includes taking samples of different kinds of feed. If a feed producer adheres to the QS system (“Qualität und Sicherheit”) for quality and safety, then the monitoring (see “Leitfaden Futtermittelmonitoring”) of this falls on the shoulders of the people drawing samples.  As the guidelines stipulate, “samples must be collected by qualified personnel who have received training and who are experienced in taking samples of feed materials.”

Target groups: Testers and those responsible for testing in feed companies, people n testing laboratories

Security technology for biogas plants and personnel – practical instructions for operators

Course description: This practical seminar is aimed at helping operators of biogas plants with a hands-on instruction in using safety technology in the plants. This includes safety measures and protective devices. Experts in the field, all of whom have long-term experience in the technical security involved in such plants, are available to discuss all aspects of this.

Target groups:  People responsible for and who are operating biogas plants