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Additional international projects

Municipal environmental protection – a visit from a specialist from Bulgaria

In May and June 2011 the director of the Regional Inspector for the Environment and Water of Varna, Bulgaria came to Germany through the EnviMV e.V. program.  She spent time looking at municipal environmental protection, concepts of waste management, and how agency work with environmental protection.

The program

Continuing education session for teachers of biology and environmental issues

"Contaminants in the environment: sources, distribution, effects"

In conjunction with research sponsored by the Ministry for the Economy of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a biotest (NORDUM-Biotest H) was developed at the NORDUM Institute from 1998 – 2000.

The principle of this biotest and its advantages

An organism that is tested displays adverse effects caused by toxins in the environment. The NORDUM-Biotest H shows the measured in water samples:  toxins lower the ability, fermentation of yeast cells nutrients (unknown waste water) increase it. Yeast cells are safe and easy to handle, yet observing the effects on them is representative for the water itself.

Main foci:

  • Introducing yeast cell fermentation to test water damage
  • Using the experimental yeast testing set in school classes
  • Experimenting on the damages to the environment caused by daily substances.

Trainee program

The NORDUM Akademie also takes part in training programmes of the NORDUM Institute. In addition to working with students from the University of Rostock (especially the departments of land improvement and environmental protection) and the College of Stralsund (economics), we also work with foreign students, engineers and academics who are interested in training programmes in the field of environmental management and environmental analysis.

2004   Internship of three Brazilian experts in environmental management and environmental continuing education

2002   Internship of two Brazilian experts in the field of environmental management and environmental continuing education

2001/2002   Observational training of a Brazilian engineer in the field of environmental analysis and environmental management

1999   Observational training of Chinese engineer in the field of environmental management

1998/1999   Observational training for two interns from Cuba (Santa Clara) in the field of waste water purification in a pharmaceutical plant

1996        Year-long observational training of a Spanish student in the field of environmental management

1995        Observational training of a Vietnamese engineer in the field of quality and environmental management

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