Titel/Title: Further education programme for executives from Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Rumania
URL: https://www.nordum-akademie.de/en/training/environmental-project-europe/print.html
Drucken Schließen

Further education programme for executives from Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Rumania

Environmental Management: June - November 2002

  • Executive programme bodies:
    Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft e.V. (CDG)
    Group 121 South Eastern Europe
    CDG regional branch Mecklenburg West Pomerania
  • Specialist partner:
    The NORDUM Akademie is in charge of the planning and execution of a 4-week introductory and preparation seminar and of the co-ordination of a 5-month work experience programme.

The programme is financed by the Federal Ministry for Business Co-operation and Development (BMZ), Bonn, Germany.


    • Introduction history, politics, business in Germany
    • Project Management / Presentation and Communication technology
    • Computer course
    • Environmental Management
    • Resource Management
    • Quality Management

    Site visits, job interviews, conference visits

    • EURAWASSSER treatment and disposal of Rostock GmbH
    • Ihlenberger waste mbh (IAG) - Ihlenberg landfill -
    • Kvaerner Warnow
    • Cleanaway Plastic Recycling GmbH & Co.KG
    • KNG power plant and grid mbH, coal power plant Rostock
    • NORDUM Institute for Environment and Analytik GmbH & Co. KG
    • Ministry of Environment Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
    • State Agency of Environment and Nature (StAUN) Rostock
    • Planning International Garden Exhibition (IGA) 2003
    • Traffic Project - Warnowtunnel and waste treatment plant (RABA)
    • National Park "Boddenlandscape" Immissionsmessnetz UBA
    • Ostseekurklinik Wustrow
    • Energy Conference 2002, the industry and commerce MVP, goods
    • "Pathways into the market," the Minister of Economy conference organizer Dr. O. Paves
    • Rostock health and environmental days, visiting the exhibition "Sustainable development - our hope for the future"


    All participants of the trainee program successfully performed their placement in the following institutions and companies:

    • Forest Faculty of the Technical University of Munich
    • EURAWASSER Rostock GmbH
    • Institute for High Voltage Technology at RWTH Aachen
    • RWE Net AG
    • MSA Auer Berlin
    • TÜV certification body TÜV Thüringen e.V.
    • National Müritz
    • Natural Park "Northern Teutoburg Forest" Osnabrück
    • Directorate of Rural Development Regensburg
    • Landesgesundheitsamt M V
    • Gersundheitsamt Rostock, City Council
    • Forestry Office Clausthal
    • Harz National Park, Wernigerode
    • Entrepreneurs Rostock and surrounding e.V.
    • Chamber of Commerce Southern Upper Rhine

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