Umweltschutz KuwaitKuwait

Management and implementation of training courses for experts from Kuwait

Kuwaiti experts meet environmental protection measures and the control environment.

Since 2007, NORDUM offers in cooperation with the University of Rostock training courses on environmental protection, environmental standards and environmental management for experts from Kuwait. The Kuwaiti experts are keen to include modern environmental technologies for the treatment of waste, wastewater, air cleaning or measures relating to environmental control.

Overview of courses offered:

2007 Waste Management
23rd July - 14 August 2007 in Rostock and around


  • Legal regulations
  • Waste treatment, recycling
  • composting
  • biogas
  • waste Analysis

2008 Environmental Protection / Environmental Management
11th - 19 August 2008 in Rostock and around


  • waste management
  • wastewater Management
  • renewable Energy
  • environmental Control

2009 environmental protection in the oil sector
19th - 24.04.2009 in Berlin / Rostock / Schwedt

2009 environmental protection / Renewable Energy
26.07. - 31.07.2009 in Rostock and around