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The Nordum Akademie is an independent company in the scope of further education and consulting. Since 1995 we offer everybody, who appreciates a modern and practice-oriented further education, challenging programs to various topics. We are acting national as well as international.


As a state approved establishment of further education the Nordum Akademie accomplished special (Inhouse-) trainings, certifications and workshops, mainly in the scope of environmental protection, environmental and quality management as well as environmental and food analytics. We are your qualified partner for the accomplishment and organisation for these seminars.

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Also, the Nordum Akademie offers international courses, which requirements are custom-designed as well as market-designed. Europe belongs to the leading locations in the scope of environmental technologies and services, whose standards will find application in more and more regions. To bring forward these technologies the Nordum Akademie is positioned as a partner in the scope of further education and consulting

Beside trainings of Arabian specialists and Chinese environmental engineers we can fall back on experiences of the application of e-learning courses in Brazil.


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